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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my Daily Life/ Adventure Blog.
Firstly, I’m sorry if there are any sentence structure or grammar mistakes.
I’m not perfect with my languages.

I am starting to blog again because I miss blogging, but i have no idea what should i really blog about. 
So, i ask myself the first question. What do i miss about blogging?
I miss how I used to blog about my life that is full of friends, all the beautiful places that I’ve been to and my thoughts at that age, that moment.

So, why not lets start it all over again. One day, when i look back at all my post. I would be able to reminisce, and laugh and see how much i have grow throughout the years. All these beautiful memories that i have create. 

Up till now, 2017. Everything is smooth sailing thus far. In terms of my family, friends, occupation and relationship.

Looking through my Instagram, @zannblooooop, which I update most frequently about my life. It has been so good, so blessed.
Filled with so much good friends.
To share my joy and sorrows.
Thank you my friends.

Current status as of Jan 2017:
Relationship: AWESOME
Friendship: AWESOME

I don’t hope for any better but to remain as it is now. Is Enough, I’m Contented.
Ending 2016 by traveling to a new city Guangzhou, China with my BFF, Joey.
& Started my 2017 beautifully to JAPAN with love.
I’m missing every moment now and then.
Definitely, #mybesttravelpartner

Will update about my experience to Guangzhou and Japan real soon!

Just right after Japan, 16 Jan 2017, I started my new job in a shipping company as Charterer Assistant. Something new and interesting. More grateful that the people here is friendly and nice! Everyday with laughter’s, definitely! Hope to achieve something while learning here! 

Life Thus Far, Is Better Than Ever. Thankful.

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