Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads

Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads

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Was being introduced to Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads Samples during Sample Store's Shopping Paradise Event at Waterway Point. & All i wanna say that this was sooooo AWESOME! It is gonna be my first brand in mind when buying pads for now. 

Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads is a local products from Singapore. It provides herbal sanitary pads and panty-liners made from premium materials. 

Products of Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pads: 

Price: $3.55
Length: 18cm
Quantity/Pack: 30 pieces

My personal reviews: 
I personally don't like Panty Liners because it disappoint me all the time. It is always too short and it does not stick well. But now, after trying Padeve Panty Liners, i'm loving it! It is long enough and most importantly it does not move about.  It has adhesive strip which increases the stickiness level. 

Price: $6.20
Length: 24cm
Quantity/Pack: 20 pieces

My personal reviews: 
I used this on 3rd days onwards. It is comfortable, no leakage and it smells great. 

Price: $6.45
Length: 29cm
Quantity/Pack: 18 pieces

My personal reviews: 
I used this during my first two day, because i tends to have heavy flow. & it is all good so far. No leakage, no itchiness, smells of herbal, long enough and the pad does not move about because of the strong stickiness. 

Price: $3.20
Length: 33cm
Quantity/Pack: 6 pieces

My personal reviews: 
I used this during my first 2 night when I am having my heavy flow. & I love it because i finally get to sleep throughout without waking up in the middle of the night worrying. It sucks to go toilet always to check in the middle of your sleep. So far, i feel comfortable during my sleep, no leakage experienced despite heavy flow and my pad does not move about. 

In overall, This is why I love it so much! 
1) It has adhesive strips which increases the stickiness. So that it helps to keep your pad in place and does not move about. 
2) It has the herbal smell, which feels more refreshing. Getting rid of the odour smell. 
3) Usually when i used other brands, i always experience itchiness at the side. But for Padeve, i don't feel the itch anymore. Which is a plus point for me! 
4) The length for all is just nice and good for me. It fits well for me. 
5) The absorption is good too. I don't experience any leakage on heavy flow days and it actually keeps it dry so far.  

What I heard from others, for those who have cramps. It actually helps to reduce cramps too. 
For me, i don't really experience cramps often. So I don't really know if it is true. But you guys can give it a try! #SUPPORTLOCAL TOO! 

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