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Dating Fun: 1 - 1 at Downtown East by Dressing Identically!

Dating Fun: 1 - 1 at Downtown East by Dressing Identically!

Downtown East’s Seeing Double Campaign
(You can only spot my partner in the picture, because i'm being blocked) 

It has been a few years since i last went to Wild Wild Wet and there is so much great changes! It wasn't that quiet downtown east anymore! More food choices too as compared to the last time i went. Definitely a great place to bring your kids there to play! Continue to read, to find out what i love most! 

To celebrate the completion of the expansion of Wild Wild Wet to double its original size, Downtown East is bringing an overload of fun to the public with a Seeing Double promotion.

Members of the public just need to come DRESSED IDENTICALLY with a friend to enjoy double the fun for HALF THE PRICE at four key offerings at Downtown East – Wild Wild Wet, D’Resort, Orchid Bowl and eXplorerkid. So fun and excited to see everyone dressing 

The campaign runs from 4 June to 31 July 2017. To encourage the public to take part, there is also an Instagram competition that will run throughout the campaign period. 

Simply snap a WEFIE anywhere with your twinning buddy or family in identical outfits, upload it onto Instagram and hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG to win a 2D1N staycation package at D’Resort.

For more information about the Seeing Double promotion, kindly visit www.downtowneast.com.sg/seeingdouble

The Woosh at Wild Wild Wet
In the month of June and July, members of the public will have an exciting attraction to check out in Wild Wild Wet.

The Woosh is Singapore’s longest inflatable freestyle water slide, where guests can slide down the entire length of 50m from a height of 4.5m in almost any way possible. The dual lanes also mean that guests can challenge each other and compete to see who can slide further along the slide. 

I personally feel that if The Woosh can be higher, it'd be more fun and exciting. Though the slide is long and it does not allow me to slide till the end. So, I guess this slide is meant for kids instead. I think kids will definitely love it! Check out the video that I took! 

Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East recently completed its expansion to double its original size. Now spanning 4 hectares, it is also home to two newest attractions, Royal Flush and Free Fall. Royal Flush is Asia’s first hybrid ride combining the Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE – effectively combining two rides into one unique experience. Free Fall is Singapore’s first near-vertical full-body drop at up to 55km/hour stands at a whopping six storeys high. For younger kids, we also have the Kidz Zone, a set of miniature rides and slides that are suitable for kids. 

& This is what I LOVE THE MOST - ROYAL FLUSH!!!! Had a bet with my partner, who will go down from the back on the second slide down. HEHEHE & of course is the heaviest one! HAHA! Do take note that, no cameras or belongings are allowed for this ride!!! Else you have to climb all the way down again to keep your belongings and all the way up again! HAHA! 

                        Torpedo Free Fall - I think this got to be the scariest of all. Which I left my partner to go alone himself. HAHA. You'll first be standing on a platform then they will start counting down. Then, the platform will open up and you'll be free-falling all the way down. According to him, it is damn scary and water will gush into your nose and eyes! Exciting and Scary! HAHA

Lastly, I would like to thank Sample Store and Downtown East for the invite! & all the thoughtfulness preparation you guys have done for us early in the morning! Great Host, Light Breakfast/ Refreshment, and Goodie Bags! As the event starts early in the morning, I didn't have the time to pack all the necessity because I'm too tired and lazy. I'm glad Sample Store had done it for us! Sunscreen Lotion, Toiletries, Waterproof Pouch and etc. #Thankful

Ending off with the identical outfit too! hehehe! 
I'm sure you doesn't want to miss out the great deals! 
CHECK IT OUT AT: https://www.downtowneast.com.sg/seeingdouble/

A Big Part of Me, Is YOU ❤

A Big Part of Me, Is YOU ❤