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Sweet Escape, Seoul

Sweet Escape, Seoul

*Not a sponsored post* 

"We do not remember days, we remember moments." - cesare pavese (1908 -1950) 

My personal experience with Sweet Escape left me a big impression on their app, service, quality and  convenience. 

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Booking a photographer through this application is as easy as abc. 
All you need to do is to:  
Sign Up > Find your Destinations > Book > Set your date and time and proceed to payment. 
Within a week, they will assign you a photographer, & you can start chatting with him/her. 

Let your photographer know where do you like to have the shoot or you can ask him/her for recommendations. You can ask them for their portfolio/ Instagram where they will showcase their photographs to ease yourself if they are good and professional. This was one of my concern initially. You doesn't want to pay for something that outcome isn't great right! 

Not to worry much. I had a conversation with my photographer when we met up, he says that application to be a photographer in SweetEscape, they have to go through multiple requirements before getting accepted. So i believed that SweetEscape Photographer definitely have a certain standard there.  

I booked my session in Seoul,Korea for USD400.00 and to be honest I regretted for booking too early. After a week, there is promotion like 50% off booking for your first session etc. It could help me save much more money. *CRIES* 
So, wait for promotions if you can so you won't feel the pain. 

For photos wise, 36 photos are free, & you have to purchase all photos for USD200.00. They do have promotions, but rarely. So for this i guess is purely by luck. I did saw USD100 for all photos before though. 

So you met up with your photographer, and go ahead with your shoots. 
A few days later, your photos will be uploaded to SweetEscape App and website. 
Reference below: 


There you go!
You can view/download all the photos through your phone/website anywhere as many times as you want. Is yours to keep/download forever. 
If you download through phone app, it will be at lower resolutions compare to webpage. 
To print it out, download through webpage will be more advisable, you get better resolutions. 

You can also invite your travel mates to view/download this album. 
Which is very convenient! 

to me, definitely! But if there is promotions, it will be much more worthy. HAHA
To a person like me, who loves photographs and let the pictures talk. 
"We do not remember days, we remember moments." - cesare pavese (1908 -1950) "

Photographer: Hen Chen, @Henliauw (Instagram) 
Venue: Gyeongbokgung Palace


Lastly, I would like to thank my photographer, Hen Chen. 
He is a Indonesian, very friendly, professional and will attend to our worries/enquiries. 
He knows the places/area well, where and how to shoot too. 
There won't be any awkward moment and when my boyfriend are a little tense. 
He got his ways to let my boyfriend relax. 

Couldn't be more grateful for that. 

My Hanbok booking from KKday was being pushed back at a later timing, 
& I couldn't get a refund which cost me about S$50 and so i asked for a later timing for the shoot. But Hen Chen says not to worry, he will get a refund and will bring me to another Hanbok Place to rent. 
Ended up knowing that, he actually paid for our Hanbok without getting any refund from my initial Hanbok place. 
So that, i won't incurred any additional cost too. 
I'm really extremely touched and guilty about it. #thankful

The reason why he doesn't want to change the photograph session instead, 
Is because morning sunlight are prettier and there won't be much crowd. 
Which is so true! 
When we are back from our photo shoot session, the place is crowded with people. 
If were to take at a later timing, guess waiting time will be longer to clear the space! 

So thank you for all the help, and your professionalism! ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Hope you guys get some great tips here! HAHA! 
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